The practical guide to creating a dementia-friendly home

Nicola Hill EdoCare News

Living with a Dementia sufferer can be challenging, but there’s a range of simple things you can do to make their home environment as comfortable as possible, without the need to move into assisted living.

For the 850,000 Dementia sufferers in the UK, it can be incredibly upsetting to not recognise their own home environment. Whether you’re living with Dementia or not, the home should always be a calming sanctuary free from the stresses of the outside world.

That’s why we recommend making the following adjustments at home so your loved ones can go about their daily lives as comfortably as possible.

Living room

To aid familiarity, place personal belongings around the home as a distraction or talking point when they’re feeling confused. Reflections can complicate sufferers’ minds so cover windows and mirrors to avoid unnecessary stress. Sufferers often remember their childhood home vividly, so display old treasured photographs on the walls.


Dementia sufferers may struggle to understand the concept of stairs if the bottom step and floor are the same colour. Use tape or a doormat at the bottom of the stairs to help them distinguish between the floor and the first step. Patterned wallpaper can also puzzle sufferers, so cover this up with plain photographs, ideally of fond memories from their past.


There are lots of things you can do to help Dementia sufferers in the kitchen. This includes clearly marking items in cupboards, and serving food in brightly colored bowls, with food separated on the plate. This can help them to clearly see their meal.


Install a toilet seat that contrasts with the rest of the bathroom to distinguish it. A toilet mat will also help sufferers locate it quickly and easily.